Niall Marshall Thumbnail

Niall Marshall

Niall Marshall Booking System & I.T. Support Niall Marshall is responsible for enhancing the booking system and providing I.T. support. He’s a solo pilot

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Brian McCrory Thumbnail

Brian McCrory

Brian McCrory Secretary Brian is the club Secretary, a solo pilot and co-owner of a Ka6 glider.

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Chris Metcalfe Thumbnail

Chris Metcalfe

Chris Metcalfe Treasurer Chris Metcalfe is the club Treasurer and solo pilot who enjoys flying his PW5 glider.

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Stephen Johnson Thumbnail

Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson Director Stephen Johnson is one of the club’s Company Directors and an experienced glider pilot. Stephen also flies the Slingsby Venture Motorglider.

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Colin Officer Thumbnail

Colin Officer

Colin Officer Chairman Colin Officer is the club’s Chairman and company Director. Supported by the elected committee, Colin is responsible for the overall management

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David Stewart Thumbnail

David Stewart

David Stewart Technical Officer David Stewart is the club’s technical officer and is responsible for the maintenance of the club’s fleet of gliders.

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Eugene McShane Thumbnail

Eugene McShane

Eugene McShane Tug Pilot Eugene McShane is a tug pilot and light aircraft instructor.

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Mark Stewart Thumbnail

Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart Tug Pilot Mark Stewart is a tug pilot and also flies the Slingsby Venture motorglider.

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Jay Nethercott Thumbnail

Jay Nethercott

Jay Nethercott Basic Instructor Jay is an instructor who you’re likely to encounter on your introductory flight. When not instructing Jay is always helping

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Owen Anderson Thumbnail

Owen Anderson

Owen Anderson   Basic Instructor, Inspector Owen Anderson is an instructor who you are likely to encounter on your introductory flight. Owen is also

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