Our Team

Everyone involved in the management and operation of the Club does so on a voluntary basis. No one gets paid!

Here are the folk who make up the management committee and the flying ops team:

Michael Miskimmin Thumbnail
Michael Miskimmin

Director, Head of Training

Michael Miskimmin is one of the three Directors of the club, and is the Chief Flying Instructor. He leads the team which makes flying happen and delivers the training. He supervises all of the UGC flying activity at Bellarena.

Brian Irwin Thumbnail
Brian Irwin

Deputy CFI, Tug Pilot, Director, Club Chairman

Brian Irwin acts as Michael’s Deputy, and is also a Director and the club’s Chairman, leading the management committee. He instructs in gliders and the motor glider, and does some tugging too.

Olive Houlihan Thumbnail
Olive Houlihan

Instructor, Tug Pilot, Director

Olive Houlihan is the third Director, flies the tug and instructs in gliders and the motor glider. Olive is also the editor of Wavelength, the club’s newsletter.

Brian McCrory Thumbnail
Brian McCrory


Brian is the Secretary of the club and owns a share of a Ka6 glider.

Simon Langtry Thumbnail
Simon Langtry

Tugmaster, Instructor

Simon Langtry is Tugmaster, responsible for the tugging operations and the maintenance of the tug. He’s an instructor as well, and also one of two Child Protection Officers.

Colin Officer Thumbnail
Colin Officer


Colin Officer is the Treasurer. When not looking after our finances, he can be found building a Kitfox.

Niall Marshall Thumbnail
Niall Marshall

PR Officer

Niall Marshall is the club’s PR Officer and webmaster, and owns a share of a Ka6 glider.

Owen Anderson Thumbnail
Owen Anderson

Instructor, Senior BGA Inspector

Owen Anderson is an instructor and Senior BGA Inspector. As the club’s Technical Officer, he’s responsible for keeping the club’s gliders airworthy.

Kenn McDonagh Thumbnail
Kenn McDonagh

Site Officer

Kenn McDonagh is Site Officer at Bellarena, responsible for the upkeep of the airfield and buildings.  He’s a keen solo pilot.

John Houlihan Thumbnail
John Houlihan

Instructor, Tug Pilot, Inspector and       Club Safety Officer

John Houlihan is an instructor on gliders and motor gliders, a tug pilot, inspector and is the operation’s Safety Officer.

David Stewart Thumbnail
David Stewart

Instructor, Glider Pilot

David Stewart is a glider pilot and instructor.

Matthew Morrison Thumbnail
Matthew Morrison

Instructor,  Inspector

Matthew Morrison is an instructor and inspector.  In that capacity he works with Owen in the maintenance of the club fleet and some private aircrafts.

Martin Magee Thumbnail
Martin Magee

Tug and Glider Pilot

Martin Magee is a tug and glider pilot.  A retired airline pilot, he’s now concentrating on flying real aeroplanes.

Mark Stewart Thumbnail
Mark Stewart

Tug and Glider Pilot

Mark Stewart is a glider pilot and flies the tug.  He also has a share in the motor glider.

Eugene McShane Thumbnail
Eugene McShane

Tug Pilot

Eugene McShane is a tug pilot and also a power flying instructor.

Moore Campbell Thumbnail
Moore Campbell

Inspector, Glider Pilot

Moore Campbell flies gliders and is also one of the club’s inspectors, working alongside Owen, John and Matthew.

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