New Booking System

One of the aspects of the early days – the ‘flying list’ system – has been with UGC up until last year when Covid restrictions necessitated a change in the way we offer flying instruction.  Following the re-opening of the club in June 2020 after the ‘first lockdown’ all flying instruction was by pre-booking only.

So successful and popular was that system that it is now being adopted for future operations.  A club member can now pre-book a ‘slot’ with an instructor and take two or three ‘back-to-back’ flights depending on conditions.   The club CFI – Michael Miskimmin – organised this booking system for members up until now.

However, as generous as he is with his time, he cannot be expected to continue with this task.  With that in mind a new booking system which administers bookings for both members and visitors is being developed.  This project is headed by our very able PRO – Niall Marshall.

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